Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finally Narrowing it Down

In our most current meeting on October 24, 2012, we took the time to actually narrow down which organizations we wanted to keep and which we wanted to trash. In this process we came to realize that more people are interested in mass media than anything else. What better way to keep people in the loop about the fight for Anti-Racism than to connect the people with an organization that addresses the matter with music, art, video, and radio?

In our final cut of the organizations listed below we decided to not follow the following groups:

  • Amnesty International
  • United to End Racism (UER)
  • Crossroads Antiracism Organization & Training (CAOT)
Our reasoning behind cutting each are as follows:
  1. We didn't want the NAACP because it is a more well known organization that is almost too easy to follow, we as members of this group wanted something more difficult and not as obvious as choosing the NAACP.
  2. Although Amnesty International is a sturdy organization, there is little that we could do to stay active in the organization simply because it is more of a letter written/petition signing organization that works through each petition signed.
  3. The UER was a good organization but it lacked updated information for us to work with and we wanted to make sure that all that we do from now on was up to date and in the present time.
  4. CAOT is a positive organization, yet it focuses more on the corporational and internal business aspect of racism and trying to remove racial profiling from the system. Although they have a good cause and drive, it was not what we were look for in the long run of becoming active in our community.
Based on these reasons we will be focusing our time on AAR, also known as, Artists Against Racism because we believe that you can truly reach the masses in your community through music, art, and other types of media. That is the real aspect that draws us all in. Imagine a night filled with student musicians, works of art, and poetry to show how much we long for equality and unity here on our campus. A night to not only praise our most talented here at Monmouth College but to bring to center stage, the lack of unity and equality here on campus.

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