Sunday, October 14, 2012

Artists Against Racism (AAR)

The artists of Artists Against Racism (AAR) are the everyday artists of the media that the youth sees as role models.  AAR reaches out to the youth, no matter the religion, color, ethnicity, nationality that we are all ONE PEOPLE to prevent youths from adopting prejudice attitudes.  The group reaches the youths through various forms of media such as: T.V., Radio, Billboards, Subways, Public Service Announcements, Concerts, and more. All with the goal of preventing prejudice through education.

AAR acknowledges that the youth is the future of our global community and emphasises on it's mission; to build an understanding of all peoples. The youth is taught the most fundamental human right of equality so that civilized society will continuously progress toward the moral good. One's name can be the most valuable thing one owns, yet each artist of AARis proactive in donating time and money to help educate the youth toward a better future. Artists include: Aerosmith, Ellen Degeneres, Mike Myers, Leland Bell, and many many more...

Artists Against Racism reaches to the youth in unconventional ways inside the school systems and the media fed to America every second.
October, 31, 2011--A powerful documentary of a former skinhead enduring agony in reformation to remove his tattoos was presented by the AAR.
January, 21, 2012--A photo exhibit in New York tells the amazing story of a 1960's interracial couple who helped change the laws on inter-racial marriage in the U.S. was presented by AAR.
Racism is not something you are born with, but is learned. It is based in ignorance and insecurity and it limits all of humanity.  By speaking out against racism, the erosion of these learned prejudices and embracing of our diversity can begin.

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